Thank you for your interest in SLS Industry Day at MAF. We look forward to hosting this event and providing a venue that enables you to grow your business. We believe that SLS Industry Day at MAF will provide an excellent networking opportunity for NASA, small businesses, and prime contractors. We look forward to showcasing the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility’s Manufacturing Community and the opportunities that NASA’s Space Launch System will provide.


Registration is NOW CLOSED for this event.

Please note that we no longer have any availabilities on the Stennis Tour scheduled on Thursday the 25th. Registration for the Stennis Tour has been closed.

Please note that all visitors to NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility for SLS Industry Day must be a US citizen. You must bring your photo ID with you for admittance to the facility on the day of the event.


Thank you to all who participated in in the 2012 SLS Industry Day. With 173 people in attendance, over 100 private companies were represented at the event. Participants hailed from 19 different States, plus the District of Columbia.

You can download the presentations from the event here:

A list of all the companies who participated is here:

Many individuals agreed that we could publish their contact information to other attendees. Please email Chip Howat at to receive a spreadsheet of all individuals who participated and agreed to share their contact information with others.

We hope the event was successful for you and your company. If you would like to provide feedback for future events, please click here. Thanks again for your participation and we look forward to flying SLS in 2017!


Voyages: Charting the Course for Sustainable Human Exploration

This report articulates NASA’s multi-destination human space exploration strategy using a capability-driven approach,  NASA is ensuring that the United States fosters a safe, robust, affordable, sustainable, and flexible space program by developing a set of core evolving capabilities instead of specialized, destination-specific hardware.  These core capabilities allow NASA the flexibility to conduct increasingly complex missions to a range of destinations over time.  By expanding human presence throughout the solar system, we increase our scientific knowledge, enable technological and economic growth, and inspire global collaboration and achievement. Download the full report here: